About Radar

Radar, originally an acronym for Radio Detection And Ranging, is a safe and reliable technology that is already used by common devices such as Wi-fi routers and mobile phones. Think of radar as seeing without a camera. A radar-enabled device uses high-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) and the reflections off of surfaces to determine speed and placement. In Full Sleep’s case, radar is used to collect data that leverages AI to determine your sleep status via your movement, heart rate, breathing rate, and location, all while maintaining your privacy without body sensors or cameras!

Radar has been meticulously tested for safety. At the extremely low levels emitted by REST, there is no need for concern. The density of the EMF determines the potential for bodily harm. For reference, the World Health Organization states that an unsafe density for radar is above 1,000 W/m2. REST density is around .01 W/m2. The density of your microwave is most likely 50x that of REST!