Sleep struggles end here

Introducing Full Sleep with REST bedside monitor

The REST (Radar-Enabled Sensing Technology) device, a small bedside device that uses radar to accurately track sleep.

Full Sleep works

I’ve managed to increase the amount of sleep I am getting at night from 4-5 hours when I wasn't doing the program to 8-9 hours most nights. Some of them are a struggle, but most nights aren’t. It is so nice to be sleeping again and getting the rest I need.


After doing Full Sleep, I felt better through the day. I felt less need to lean on caffeine... the rationale that you gave for every step was very helpful and having seen the results so quickly was a wake up call to me that I can change habits that are lifelong. I’m 48, I’ve slept horribly my whole life. If I can go from 4.5 to 6 hours per night, that’s huge.

Leo S.
Dallas, TX

I was telling my daughter, this has changed my life.

Betty G
Portland, OR
Scientifically proven programming

Six weeks of science-driven behavioral sleep guidance

Advanced, Non-Wearable Sleep Monitoring

Bedside REST device (Radar-Enabled Sensing Technology)

Overnight Support via REST

Screen-free audio guidance helps you fall asleep and reduces overnight wake ups

Expert Guidance

Dedicated sleep coach to help navigate your individual situation

Proven Results

2x as effective as other digital CBT-I programs

Full Sleep Program & REST Device


  • 6 weeks of short daily lessons
  • 24/7 access to your dedicated sleep coach (not a robot)
  • Nightly sleep reporting & live audio interventions, provided by REST
  • Science-driven sleep content helps you understand the “why” behind your sleep challenges 
  • Customized weekly sleep and wake schedule
  • Data-driven insights and progress tracking over time
  • Optional relapse prevention plan to help you stay on track

The only thing you have to lose is more sleep

The only thing you have to lose is more sleep

We offer a 100-night money-back guarantee if Full Sleep is not the right solution for you. Explore our FAQs to help determine if the program is a good fit for you.