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Full Sleep combines CBT-I principles, 1:1 coaching, and sleep tracking with our bedside device to fix insomnia with proven results. Try it now with our 100 night money-back guarantee.

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Your personalized sleep program

The Full Sleep app showing one on one coaching

Week 1

Discuss your sleep goals with your coach, set up your REST device, and start getting sleep tips and wind downs in your app
The REST (Radar-Enabled Sensing Technology) device, a small bedside device that uses radar to accurately track sleep.

Week 2

You’ll receive your personalized sleep schedule based on your previous week’s sleep data – all already programmed into your app and REST device.

Week 3

We’ll build new habits to train your body to think of time in bed as time to sleep. For example, REST will nudge you to get out of bed if you’re awake for over 20 min.
The Full Sleep app showing a sleep schedule

Week 4

As you’re building your sleep efficiency, we’ll coach you on mindful meditation, muscle relaxation techniques, and provide tips on how our activities during the day affect our sleep quality.

Week 5

The closer you follow each week's sleep schedule, the more your mind and body are trained to sleep while in bed, and your sleep schedule will reflect those changes

Week 6

As you wrap the program you’ll see you’re falling asleep faster and are asleep for longer when you’re in bed - we call this sleep efficiency. Your coach will develop a sustainability plan so you can keep up with all the new habits you’ve built. You’ll return the REST device and enjoy the benefits of better sleep!

Full Sleep participants live fuller days with restful nights

Full Sleep works

I’ve managed to increase the amount of sleep I am getting at night from 4-5 hours when I wasn't doing the program to 8-9 hours most nights. Some of them are a struggle, but most nights aren’t. It is so nice to be sleeping again and getting the rest I need.


Six-week home sleep program: $129

  • Personalized sleep program based on your sleep concerns
  • Bedside REST device to use during your program with free shipping both ways
  • One-on-one coaching with your own sleep coach
  • Daily sleep lessons and 24/7 chat available in the app 
  • Customized sleep stories and wind downs to set good sleep habits
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$129 total program fee with a 100 night money-back guarantee, no questions asked
An illustration of the REST deviceThe Full Sleep app showing a sleep schedule
An illustration of the REST device

Train your brain, change your life

Train your brain, change your life

How can CBT-I help me?

Full Sleep delivers a daily coaching program based in principles of CBT-I, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, the gold-standard in care.  

This approach dives into established thoughts, habits, and feelings that prevent you from getting the rest you need.  We develop your customized sleep program with CBT-I principles alongside data from your REST device.

The REST (Radar-Enabled Sensing Technology) device, a small bedside device that uses radar to accurately track sleep.

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