Corporate Wellness Sleep Solution

Full Sleep is the most comprehensive and personalized program to help your employees get healthy sleep. This 6-week program includes a daily lesson with real time overnight tracking, expert coaching, and a bedside device to provide personalized guidance and support that helps your employees fall asleep faster and stay asleep every night.

Full Sleep helps your employees overcome insomnia in 6 weeks for good.


Hi, I'm Full Sleep...
your overnight sleep coach.
For those who've tried it all...
no more pills, nothing to wear.
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Here's how it works

The Full Sleep program includes

  • REST (Full Sleep bedside intelligence device)
  • 6 weeks of customized programming
  • Sleep coaching

After successful registration by your employee to the program, a device is sent to the employee's house and the employee sets up and begins the program in the comfort of their own home.

Train REST – the bedside intelligence device

Train REST – the bedside intelligence device

Setup the program and train the Full Sleep device to the bedroom and begin the program. The mobile app quickly walks through the setup process. In addition, through these steps, the program is customized to your individual goals.

Customized modules drive learning throughout the day

Customized modules drive learning throughout the day

Full Sleep delivers daily lessons developed with evidence-based principles. The multi-week curriculum is customized based on your daily overnight sleep data and other health conditions that could impact sleep, such as menopause, chronic pain, or depression. Learn how to challenge assumptions, change habits, and introduce behaviors to help you fall and stay asleep.

Full Sleep monitors your rest

Full Sleep monitors your rest

Real time analytics and monitoring, allows Full Sleep to intervene and provide real time intervention and retraining. I.e. if it senses that you have been awake for 20 minutes, it will notify you to leave the bed and return when sleepy.

Your sleep coach drives accountability

Your sleep coach drives accountability

Full Sleep offers every participant a personal Sleep Coach to provide 1:1 coaching sessions to guide your progress. Between our support team, Sleep Coach, and your REST bedside device, we are here to support you every step of the way, overnight and every day.


I loved that it triggered that routine in that moment without me having to do anything. It was great waking me up in a way that felt gentle and understanding that getting out of bed when you wake up is important. I’m the kind of person that will sit in bed for 20 mins and roll around. It got me to stop doing that. The device does all the right triggers to get you to do the things you’re supposed to do.

Leo S
Dallas, TX

Being monitored and having a sleep coach has been a game changer for me...I took a CBT-I class last year, but admittedly I fell back into old habits. Being monitored and therefore accountable really makes a difference for me-in the past I would often turn off the alarm and lay in bed, whereas now because Im being monitored I force myself to get out of bed. I’ve had insomnia for 32 years and felt totally hopeless after trying so many things ... after years of suffering I feel like I'm finally getting a grip on this insomnia issue!

Alan H.
Oakland, CA

I’ve taken what I learned from Full Sleep and integrated it into my life as a discipline. My nightly sleep has increased by an hour, sometimes two hours. Improving my sleep has also reduced my blood pressure from 196 to 150 without any medication. (6 months post-program)

Northern CA

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